Recuperative Retreats for Women

"A sanctuary offering relaxation, restoration and replenishment - just for you!"

Life A Plenty Charitable Trust ‘Recuperative Retreats for Women’ is a service provided specifically for women within the Tauranga and wider Bay of Plenty region, who have been recommended a period of rest and recuperation by a health professional.

The retreat provides the opportunity for women to take a break from their day-to-day activities in order to replenish their mind, body and spirit, and at the same time receive support to make positive changes in their lives. The retreats provide a safe and secure environment for participants to experience complete rest in a quiet, reflective atmosphere.

Each retreat is FREE to participants and all meals are provided. Participants have their own bedroom (including an ensuite), with all linen provided. All participants receive individual and collective support from two qualified facilitators/therapists throughout each retreat. Retreats generally take place over five days, however, some may increase to seven days based on funding generated.

During the Retreat, an option is available for participants to attend daily workshops (held once a day, for one hour) in order to learn simple relaxation exercises, coping with anxiety, stress management techniques and problem-solving strategies to effectively manage life challenges. Attendance is totally optional for any workshop.

The immeasurable value and benefit these retreats provide is the positive ripple effect on the women attending, their health and wellbeing, their children, their relationships, their families and in turn, their entire community.

Fullness of Peace

As I drove down the tree-lined drive through the mist to the monastery, there was a sense of calm, of leaving all your troubles and stresses behind in another world. It felt welcoming and safe.It was warm and silent and lots of time...
Time to relax,
Time to listen,
Time to reflect.
There was a sense of fellowship no matter the different ages or journeys we were on.
We laughed.
We cried.
We made friends.
In the supportive and peaceful space I could put my life in perspective and refocus.
As it is time to leave the fog is lifting. I am ready to return to the real world with the strength to face my challenges and make changes and say No. My soul nourished at peace with the world.

by Anonymous

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