Recuperative Retreats for Women

"A sanctuary offering relaxation, restoration and replenishment - just for you!"

Life A Plenty Charitable Trust ‘Recuperative Retreats for Women’ is a service provided specifically for women within the Tauranga and wider Bay of Plenty region, (click here to view map), who have been recommended a period of rest and recuperation by a health professional.

The retreat provides the opportunity for women to take a break from their day-to-day activities in order to replenish their mind, body and spirit, and at the same time receive support to make positive changes in their lives. The retreats provide a safe and secure environment for participants to experience complete rest in a quiet, reflective atmosphere.

Each retreat is FREE to participants and all meals are provided. Participants have their own bedroom (including an ensuite), with all linen provided. All participants receive individual and collective support from two qualified facilitators/therapists throughout each retreat. Retreats generally take place over five days, however, some may increase to seven days based on funding generated.

During the Retreat, participants are able to attend daily workshops in order to learn simple relaxation exercises, coping with anxiety, stress management techniques and problem-solving strategies to effectively manage life challenges.

The immeasurable value and benefit these retreats provide is the positive ripple effect on the women attending, their health and wellbeing, their children, their relationships, their families and in turn, their entire community.

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Retreat Dates for 2021

11 - 15 February
11 - 15 March
27 - 31 May
12 - 16 August
16 - 20 September
02 - 06 December

Thank you very much for giving me such an opportunity to come to this retreat! I really enjoy all my time here in this beautiful, peaceful and restful environment. We were served just like princesses with food ready on the table, and empty dishes being taken away. The workshops are very knowledge and practical that helps us to make a change in our life to have a new beginning! The free time in the morning has been very helpful for me to have a good rest, having a quiet time to read my Bible and books without being interrupted. I feel I've been recharged this weekend, and my body, soul and spirit have been shepherded. Thank you

This has been one of the most rewarding experience's on my journey of healing. The tools I have gathered to help with my coping of everyday life are amazing. I came on the retreat as a young woman who didn't know how to be self compassionate or mindful of my surroundings, a young woman who needed a lot of healing but leave the retreat with more self compassion towards self which in turn has given me a more positive look on life. I still have a long road of healing but I now look at that road with more hope than I did before, just knowing that hey, I am actually only human and that is ok makes me know that the sunrise at the end of my journey will be bright and beautiful.
Thank you Life A Plenty for this wonderful 5 days.
ST (age 25)

Fullness of Peace

As I drove down the tree-lined drive through the mist to the monastery, there was a sense of calm, of leaving all your troubles and stresses behind in another world. It felt welcoming and safe.It was warm and silent and lots of time...
Time to relax,
Time to listen,
Time to reflect.
There was a sense of fellowship no matter the different ages or journeys we were on.
We laughed.
We cried.
We made friends.
In the supportive and peaceful space I could put my life in perspective and refocus.
As it is time to leave the fog is lifting. I am ready to return to the real world with the strength to face my challenges and make changes and say No. My soul nourished at peace with the world.

**by Anonymous

This retreat has been an integral part in my journey of healing and discovering what I want and need for myself.

Over the stay we had so much free time to relax, build relationships with other women or alone time if we wanted

Our group sessions provided me with tools to help me map out a strong, healthy future.

Our hosts Barbara and Anne, had the ability to guide group discussions in a gentle, non-judgemental way.

I am so excited!


I will forever be thankful to the Life A Plenty Charitable Trust, Anne, Barbara and the Tyburn Monastery for the opportunity to attend the Women's Retreat.

It has been an amazing experience that I wish I'd had years ago, and I truly hope the Retreat will be available to the many women who need sometime to rest, think, learn, heal, laugh and not lift a finger(!) so that they can find the strength to make healthy changes to their (and their children's) lives.

Thank you so much. I will certainly tell others about my special time here.

Much love P

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