Neil Murray


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The Bay of Plenty has been home for Neil’s family for thirty years. He is passionate not only about improving access to care for those most in need, but also to provide the governance to make the most impact with the resources available. He has always wanted to make a difference.

Before he retired in 2020, Neil used his medical training, and subsequent career as an eye surgeon, helping in the fight to eliminate preventable blindness. Although based in the Bay of Plenty, initially Tauranga and latterly Rotorua, for all but a handful of these years, he was also privileged to work in a number of other countries. In 2015 he was a recipient of the Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology Award for Outstanding Service in Prevention of Blindness. Since retiring, he helped establish Nonprofit Medical Solutions Ltd, a social enterprise working through partnerships to bring accessible affordable medical initiatives to New Zealanders.

Throughout his career he has been active in Governance, aware of its importance in stewarding resources to achieve purpose. At different times he has been a director of his professional association, Medical Director for two charities - CBM in West Africa, The Fred Hollows Foundation New Zealand in the Pacific - and a Trustee of the London based International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness. He is a Chartered Member of the New Zealand Institute of Directors.

Collectively these experiences have led Neil to understand that the most impactful differences can be made by working alongside with, and enabling women, as a critical step to growing healthy individuals and communities. Neil was drawn to the opportunity to be a Trustee and contribute to Life A Plenty Charitable Trust because it does just that. By making a positive difference in the lives of women, it makes a positive difference to our communities.