Referral form

Life A Plenty Charitable Trust provides FREE therapeutic retreats for women seeking help from stress, anxiety or trauma. The service is provided specifically for women within the Bay of Plenty region and is fully dependent on donations.

Wāhine that benefit most from our retreats:

  • Women with medium levels of needs (mental, emotional) and without physical and medical needs that may potentially not be safely accommodated
  • Women who have completed or are engaged in one-on-one work with a supporting professional and are not currently in crisis
  • Women who are or have regained some level of stability in terms of housing, mental health and crisis stressors
  • Women who are able to scaffold their journey back to increased wellbeing by attending life-skills workshops and benefit from groupwork. The women are at a point where they are able to take on new ideas for growth.

Have a look at our Information for Referrers with further information about our referral process.

Please fill out this referral form WITH your nominated Health Professional (Referrer), e.g. GP, Counsellor, Social Worker, Psychologist, Mental Health Worker or 'Other' Health Professional.